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The Best Teacher

A few weeks ago friends invited me to dinner. Their daughter and grandchildren were staying for the weekend.
The younger generation were attended to by the women in the family room at one end of the house whilst I was instructed to stay in the living room at the other end. I was somewhat disappointed - without my own grandchildren I enjoy any chance to be involved with other people's. My suggestion that we all dine together was promptly dismissed on the basis that the living room would be quieter.

Should I mow the Council's Berm?

Last week the Herald reported that the Auckland Council was considering saving $3M of ratepayers monies by not mowing their berms. It was considered appropriate that the adjoining property owner should have that responsibility.
For residents living in other parts of the country this is hardly newsworthy as other Council's have already adopted that policy.
I doubt that anyone in this country who owns a lawnmower for their own property has any issue with the idea of spending another five minutes to tidy up their road frontage.

Singularly Untrue



"Aren't You Lonely?"

Having lived on my own for over ten years I could have happily retired on my earnings by now if I'd charged every inquirer a dollar for each time I've been asked this question.

I have come to realise that most people are not comfortable within their own skin. Indeed it is the need for company rather than having love for the person that keeps a large number of relationships together.

I have known, and know of many people in partnership, who are alone - trapped - unable to share themselves "out of respect" to their partners.
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