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Winners and Losers

For many years now our educators have been dismissive of the notion that society is an amalgam of winners and losers. 
In sport children (and their parents) have been encouraged to applaud the virtues of participating in the game rather than focus on the result of the competition that sporting occasions demand.
Undoubtedly this has broadened the appeal to a far greater number of people and unearthed talent that might otherwise have remained dormant, so the argument for diminishing the emphasis on competitive outcomes has substantial merit.

Owl's Opinions

We all have ways of encapsulating our life experiences.

Here are a few of mine:

Life isn't a challenge, the challenge is to create a life.

Life isn't gauged by what you create but by the extent of your creations. 

"Life is your best opportunity - embrace it".

"Success is a personal experience".

"We are what we think - not who we think we are".

"People are best described by what they do and not by what they say".

"Trust those who do as they say".

Healthy Obsessions

In the course of one lifetime the arguments over the relationship between diet and health has been constant. I suspect in the next lifetime those same arguments will remain.
Concerns about cholesterol, BMIs,obesity,heart disease,protein and carbohydrate balance will undoubtedly continue to fuel discussions over the merits of meat, fish, vegetable and fibre intakes, and the extent to which manufacturers like McDonalds bear responsibility for persuading the public to consume in a manner that best serves their commercial interests.

The Case for Free Markets

One of the key distinctions between our political parties is the extent to which they support and understand the benefits of free markets - where activity does not require the regulatory intervention of the state.
Until the Lange Government was elected in 1984 New Zealand's economy largely reflected the dogma's of post Depression Keynesian prescriptives. There was a generally held view that Governments could regulate at will. Muldoon was the last baron of that era. He will be forever remembered for his initiatives on carless days, payroll taxes, SMPs,fixed exchange rates, import licencing, the "Think Big" energy projects in Taranaki and home mortgage rates that went to 25%.


Copy of a recent mail to the producers of a religious programme about forgiveness:

"I have just watched your programme on Prime TV regarding a religious view of the need to forgive.
The message conveyed by the presenter was that the offering of forgiveness to others was the key to healing and moving on for those who had been wronged.
The programme presented the example of the young man who had fallen asleep whilst driving through Owhango in 1988,flipping his car and condemning his passenger friend to a life of paraplegia.

What is the ANZAC legacy for the Ukraine?

The sacrifice of life "For Your Country" is a hugely emotive and poignant statement recognised throughout the world by those who remain attending services in their memory.
For New Zealanders ANZAC Day the 25th April marking the landing at Gallipoli in 1915 is even more significant as it is generally regarded as the defining moment of the birth of a nation. On no other occasion, not even the sight of an All Black haka, is our national pride more evident.
The irony of Gallipoli however is that the heroics that we so commend were performed in an arena of futility.
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