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Only in Little Old New Zealand

In early 1971 the National Party decided to replace long serving leader Keith Holyoake before the elections in the following year with his Deputy Jack Marshall. The likelihood of National serving another term in office was considered highly unlikely by all except the most diehard party faithful. At the same time as he became leader the Trade Unions were being particularly troublesome and Jack had precious little free time.
Despite all this turbulence four unknown Victoria University students with vastly differing philosophies to Jack were invited to the Prime Minister's residence one Sunday night for a family roast dinner.

Taking Advice

I'll not forget my doctors advice in private before the arrival of my first child that I shouldn't show undue sympathy to my wife as "this is not the first child to have arrived on this planet".

I took his advice and years later got a reminder from her that "she was not the first woman to depart her marriage"! I reminded my doctor about his advice and he just shrugged his shoulders and said "I wasn't the first person to remind him that doctors don't always get it right"!
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