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No Monorailroading!

Proposals have been made to the New Zealand Government to allow a 40 km monorail system to be built in one of our most treasured wilderness areas.
A quiet, electrified and single tracked facility with the opportunity to generate a substantial increase in tourist spending is a seductive idea for our cash hungry politicians to adopt.
It conveniently overlooks the fact that there is already a huge influx of visitorss who visit our wilderness areas essentially because they have retained their remoteness. Any encroachment by modern adornments into that environment runs the risk of chopping off the hand that feeds.
Scarcity has a premium value and we should collectively raise our hands to reject any further erosion of our unique landscape. 
We are a hardy people who respect the beauty of nature and we don't want to bespoil that image by encouraging the world to idle through our backcountry in a microcosm of big city opulence.
The wilderness experience is incomplete without the smell and touch of our rugged terrain.
If people want to have a plastic shell experience, technology is well able these days to pander to those senses with 3D laser images within the confines of a city based auditorium.
Leave the wilderness areas to those who best appreciate its value.
We will do a great disservice to succeeding generations if we are monorailroaded.
Stand Up and shout - "No Way!"

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