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Oh My OSH - Where are you?

With another long weekend approaching and the accident rates under scrutiny I am concerned that OSH officers as our primary safety managers will again be delegating their responsibilities to the Police force as they enjoy the holiday experience rather than attending to those matters for which they are deemed responsible.
Noone however will be surprised - they don't seem to care that the state, as  owners of our roads have done very little to improve road safety standards. Roads that should have been closed down years ago remain open, and the carnage continues.
In fact their record in this regard is so shocking that I would venture to suggest that they are perpetuating a double standard. 
Any other owner with such an apaulling record would have been in jail by now - wracked by unsustainably high fines for continual negligence.
Indeed I would believe that corruption is alive and well in New Zealand. Rather than bear their responsibilities the owners of our roads have somehow duped our OSH officers to believe that the Police ought to be engaged in every instance to lay blame with the operators on our roading networks and charge them for improper use!
So to all those hard working employers who have taken the risks - take heart. The next time you have an accident at your work place take your lead from the owners of our roading network. 
Call the Police and have then investigate to find which of your operators acted inappropriately. 
Its definitely not your fault!
Don't accept any suggestion that accidents are the result of industrial design - every day we allow road operators to drive towards each other at high speed on a single tarmac strip with no other safety feature other than a painted white line to separate the high projectile objects that they are charged to control.
All we can ever ask is that our public authorities act consistently.
Our safety laws however are totally biased in favour of the state as owners of our roading network.
Is it any wonder that the public don't always abide laws that are said to be made for their protection?
The only solution perhaps to the dilemma of being consistent is to remove any responsibility for private ownership and allow the state to own all productive resources.
In that way noone will be responsible for safety standards and accidents always the fault of the operator.
A pretty grim prospect...

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