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Polygamy - the next Crusade?

Marriage has been around longer than I can remember and suddenly its front page news on a Monday morning? People have got married in aeroplanes before and they've occasionally been interviewed on radio. So why should I be so much more concerned now that its possible for a woman who wants to dress up as a man and a woman who doesn't want a man expressing their commitment to each other publicly?
I'm not, and its none of my business, nor should the media particularly care. 
The absurdity of all the recent beat up over gay marriage is that I'll bet my bottom dollar that if anyone should claim the right to marry more than one person of any gender then both homophobes and the gay community would rise up in a collective howl of protest! 
We could even see the next moral Crusades taking all the rabid monogomists to Mecca in search of all those nasty Muslims undermining their singular view of the holy institution of Marriage.
Why oh why do we get so emotionally upset about what is, at best, only a legal descriptive?
Probably because there are far too many people who would prefer passing judgements on others rather than getting out there and showing they really care by committing their time to helping others less fortunate than themselves.

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