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This rather simple question has been a source of wonderment for an unmentionable number of years. 

In the main it has been a very useful tool to understand the environment, but it has also on occasions provided some difficulties.

My father was a gentle man with a complete disregard for physical reprimand, but there was a single occasion that even he could not abide my need to know.

When I was 5 years old my parents brought a kitten into our household and I was told that cats cant swim. Within half an hour I'd run a bath and my parents only caught up with my antics as the poor bedraggled creature surfaced for the third time.

I am grateful that I got the hiding I deserved.

As I grew older the need to challenge the status quo became more evident.

As a boomer it was easier to rebel. History records that the 60's was the era where the conventions of our parents were openly challenged. 

Fortunately my sporting addictions outweighed the need to participate in the chemical addictions of some of my contemporaries.

Dress, moral, political and social norms however were fair game.

Respect was a word that didn't exist in my vocabulary.

I inevitably began to question the prevailing conventions and developed a perspective from the "other side".

Conforming was always a barrier to my need to feel free - to be my own person.

Society however sends strong messages through the law that it has little tolerance for independent behaviour.

My human need to feel socially accepted meant that my independent viewpoint could only be maintained if I could support my argument by reason, knowledge and personal integrity.

Having now reached an age where I have time to reflect I have developed this blog site to tell my little stories and hopefully encourage everyone to think freely and to have the courage to behave according to their own convictions.


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